Fitness and workout benefits for couples

Workout with your partner can be a great idea for both sharing some quality time together and reaching your goals to stay fit and healthy

Couples may have different exercising goals and may not share the same fitness level or enjoy the same workout activities. But for the ones that want to give it a try, here are some notable benefits of exercising with their partner:

  • Spending extra, quality time together, away from jobs, kids or house related daily responsibilities. Sharing a common interest and a common fitness schedule can be highly beneficial for the relationship, keeping things more exciting for both partners.
  • Self-respect, motivation, support and even safety. Encouragement from your partner during training sessions can keep you highly motivated to achieve your workout goals. Also, exercising in the presence of your partner is safer, in case of any unfortunate accidents. Taking care of your body increases self-confidence, as well as your partner’s respect.
  • Couple’s bonding. Exercising increases hormonal levels that are known to promote feelings of happiness, reduce stress and increase both partners’ libido, for a better sexual drive and more active sex life.
  • A better workout plan. Cardio and strength trainings can be combined to include more of the both. While women favor cardio and men favor intense strength and endurance exercises, by working out together you can balance your fitness sessions and remain open-minded by sharing each other’s experience.


Do you need some great ideas? Here are some pleasant, funny and healthy activities for you to share with your mate


Besides the fresh air that camping in the green spaces out of the city offer, you have the chance of trying something new, such as rock climbing and rappelling. Fun trips will boost your energy levels and bring you closer to nature, while burning unwanted calories. Jogging in the forest, away from the city crowds can also be an excellent and healthy passing time.


Developing and working out all of your body’s muscles and joints while racing your partner to cover pool laps can be tons of fun. This sport’s relaxing benefits are not neglectable either, as water is known to have positive impact on both body and mind.

Bicycle riding

Inside or outside of the town, cycling is a great cardio exercise that tones the heart muscle and burns more calories than most of other outdoor activities.

Dancing lessons

Either is Zumba, salsa or classic dance lessons, dancing enthusiasts say that it can boost couple’s bonding and help you keep your shape in a fun way at the same time.

Outdoor games

Basketball, badminton, tennis, table tennis or a light football game can stave off the daily routine and bring back a lot of pleasant childhood memories. Keeping you fit as a bonus, also.

Yoga: empower both your body and mind

Yoga is a very complex activity that can spiritually and psychically connect two persons, while sharpen mental strength, tone their bodies and boost their inner and outer energy levels.

Kick-boxing classes or attending the gym together

Fun, playful and a good way to get off the accumulated negative energy, kick-boxing can be a great choice for more active partners. Nevertheless, enjoying the gym together always comes in handy for busy partners that want to share their spare time in a constructive and healthy way.