Get Rid of a Runny Nose With Salt Water

Having a runny nose can truly be very unpleasant. It happens when there is increased mucus in the sinus and nasal passages, leading to the body’s way of flushing cold or flu viruses, irritants and allergens out of the body.

Some of the most common causes are the cold, an allergic reaction, a sinus infection or a sudden change in the weather. If not taken care of, it can lead to coughing, earaches, headaches and other issues.

Even though there are many over-the-counter medicines for treating a runny nose, they usually have unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness. However, there is one home remedy that includes salt water and has tremendous benefits, such as instant relief and decrease of the intensity of symptoms.

When it comes to alleviating the irritation that comes with a runny nose, salt water is one of the most recommended remedies. It helps thin the mucus, making it easier and more comfortable to expel. More than that, it helps clear the nasal passages of irritants.

First, you need to mix one-half teaspoon of table salt in two cups of distilled warm water. Next, using a dropper, put a few drops of the solution into each nostril with your head tilted back. After that, make sure that you inhale very gently to draw the solution further into your nasal passages. Then blow your nose to remove excess mucus and solution.

Do this a few times at a sitting until you feel relief. Repeat a couple of times each day until your condition improves.

This is a fast, easy method of getting rid of a runny nose that brings instant relief and has no side effects.