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3 Rules for a more efficient workout

Tired of spending hours in the gym with minimum results? Extra-pounds give you headaches? No significant differences in strength or muscle mass? It’s time to change your diet and training routine! Not all exercises produce results. Some movements can lead to injuries and increase cortisol levels in the body, causing stress, gaining weight and muscle […]

Gluten-free food choices might reduce fatigue

New study shows that a “gluten-free” lifestyle provides higher energy, mental and overall physical wellbeing and positively impacts overall health New study results reveal that people choosing a gluten-free diet experience lower fatigue levels, increased cognitive abilities, reduced bloating, flatulence and overall better health levels, due to a healthier nutritional intake. Low levels of salt […]

Disease prevention and healthy diets link

Learn the importance of smart eating and living in preventing weight-related and unhealthy eating habits potential diseases Following a healthy diet is important for both maintaining good levels of health and preventing associated diseases that could potentially transform in real health threatening matters. Muscle strength, bone mass and proper vitamin and mineral intake can all […]